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Welcome to the qlued contributing guide

Thank you for investing your time in potentially contributing to our project! Any contribution you make will be reflected on the repository of the open source project qlued ✨.

You can contribute to the qlued content and site in several ways, which we will present you below.

πŸ“£ Discussions

Discussions are where we have conversations.

If you'd like help troubleshooting a qlued PR you're working on, have a great new idea, or want to share something amazing you've learned about quantum hardware access, join us in discussions.

🐞 Issues

Issues are used to track tasks that contributors can help with.

If you've found something in the content or the code that should be updated, search open issues to see if someone else has reported the same thing. If it's something new, open an issue here. We'll use the issue to have a conversation about the problem you want to fix.

Create a new issue

If you spot a problem with the docs, search if an issue already exists. If a related issue doesn't exist, you can open a new issue.

Solve an issue

Scan through our existing issues to find one that interests you. You can narrow down the search using labels as filters. See Labels for more information. As a general rule, we don’t assign issues to anyone. If you find an issue to work on, you are welcome to open a PR with a fix.

Make Changes in the github UI

Click Make a contribution at the top of any page to make small changes such as a typo, sentence fix, or a broken link. This takes you to the .md file where you can make your changes and create a pull request for a review.

Commit your update

Commit the changes once you are happy with them. Don't forget to self-review to speed up the review process ⚑.

πŸ›  Pull requests

A pull request is a way to suggest changes in our repository. When we merge those changes, they should be deployed to the live site almost immediately. 🌍

So when you're finished with the changes, create a pull request, also known as a PR.

  • Fill the description so that we can review your PR. This template helps reviewers understand your changes as well as the purpose of your pull request.
  • Don't forget to link PR to issue if you are solving one.
  • Enable the checkbox to allow maintainer edits so the branch can be updated for a merge. Once you submit your PR, a qlued team member will review your proposal. We may ask questions or request additional information.
  • We may ask for changes to be made before a PR can be merged, either using suggested changes or pull request comments. You can apply suggested changes directly through the UI. You can make any other changes in your fork, then commit them to your branch.
  • As you update your PR and apply changes, mark each conversation as resolved.
  • If you run into any merge issues, checkout this git tutorial to help you resolve merge conflicts and other issues.

Your PR is merged!

Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The qlued team thanks you ✨.

Once your PR is merged, your contributions will be publicly visible on the qlued repo.

Now you are part of the qlued community. Thank you for your contributions! We look forward to working with you to make our project even better.


These contribution guidelines are adapted from the contribution guidelines for Github docs, available online on the github.